20Ft Tiny Homes


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1 Double Bed

1 Kitchenette

1 Ensuite


The ‘TINY 20’ is a 20ft Tiny Container Home that is ready to use the moment you open the doors. The TINY 20 is the keystone to our fleet of Tiny Homes and covers every necessity possible. All packed inside a distinctive and secure steel box.

From the outside, you are left with no inclination of what lies within. Open those steel doors and you will discover a warm, stylish and beautifully finished instant home that can be transported anywhere you like.

Suitable for any environment from a small suburban backyard to a sweeping country hillside this Tiny Home is a real unexpected delight. With a wide range of optional extras inside and out the TINY 20 is designed to suit all budgets.

Floor Area 14.86m2
Dimensions 6.09m Long
2.44m Wide
2.9m High (High Cube)
(External Measurements)
Rooms Full Ensuite
Double or Queen Bed
Lounge/Dining Space with Television
Accommodates 1 person
Couple/Family of 2
Best For Short Term Accommodation
Granny Flat
Teenage Retreat
Guest House
Price Two Set Design Prices

Floor Plan

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