To get started, simply fill out an enquiry form on our website here, or give us a call and let us know some details about what your requirements are and what you are trying to achieve.

Once you have chosen a design and any extra add ons we will give you a detailed quote so you know exactly what the cost of the container will be X-factory. If you require a custom design we will charge a fee of $500 to do the initial consultation and planning with you and then provide a detailed quote.

Our quotes are valid for 30days.

It is at this stage that the client would normally pay their deposit to lock in the quote. Once this is done the price will not change. We do have price increases due to the volatile building industry and availability of containers and materials. By paying the deposit we are able to secure the right shipping container, order the required windows for manufacturing and get the other building materials on standby. This is how we are able to lock in your quote. This also reduces lead times as we secure the big items while you are getting your council approvals underway.

Once you have chosen your build with us we will put you in contact with our building designer who will give you a quote for his services, this will include acting as your agent for the entire council submission process. Firstly he will get you planning approval or a planning exemption.

Secondly he will get you building approval by providing a full set of working drawings- this includes site plans, elevations and sections, 3D perspectives and plumbing and electrical plans for council submission.

Once we have your approved plans we will commence construction at our factory site in Launceston. For a 40 ft Tiny Home this will take approximately 10 weeks. We will keep you informed along the way and you are welcome to come and inspect progress at any time.

The pier footings will need to be installed on your block prior to installation and this should be completed during the construction phase so it is ready to go once the Tiny Home is complete.

There is a 60% progress payment due once the framing inspection is completed by the building surveyour, just prior to plaster.

Once the Tiny Home is complete, you are welcome to inspect it at Tiny Homes Factory in Launceston prior to delivery should you wish. The final 10% is due just prior to delivery.

Once you are satisfied with the quality of the construction and the balance has been paid, we are able to organise delivery and installation. The most exciting step!

Once the Tiny Home is in place the plumbing and electrical can be connected and any decking or roof structures can be installed. There will be a final inspection by the building surveyor and then you can move into your new Tiny Home and enjoy a minimalistic, clutter free lifestyle.

Are you ready to take the plunge and buy your first Tiny Home?


Jason - 0403 400 714