40Ft Tiny Homes


from $79,000


1 Queen Bedroom

1 Kitchen

1 Bathroom + Laundry


The ‘TINY 40’ is a 40ft Tiny Container Home. Taking your accommodation to the next level with everything a full-size home has, all packed into 30 square meters of floor space.

The perfect alternative to a modern-day home. You don’t realise how wasteful we have become until you consolidate your whole life into a TINY 40. It’s a healthy and therapeutic experience to declutter and only use what is necessary.

This Tiny home is much more open to customisation and design changes. It’s very important to us that you get the perfect design to suit your needs. We will work with you during preliminary designing to achieve a floor plan that works. From there we will do a full quote based on the finalised plan.

Open those steel doors and you will discover a warm, stylish and beautifully finished instant home that can be transported anywhere you like. With a wide range of optional extras inside and out the TINY 40 is designed to suit all budgets.

Floor Area 29.65m2
Dimensions 12.2m Long
2.44m Wide
2.9m High (High Cube)
(External Measurements)
Rooms Full Bathroom & Laundry
1 x Queen Bedroom w Built-In Robe
Kitchen & Dining
Lounge room to fit 3-seater couch
Suits 1 person
Couple/Family of 2
Best For Elderly
Small Family
Accommodation or Rental
Granny Flat
Teenage Retreat
Price From $79,000

Floor Plan

Are you ready to take the plunge and buy your first Tiny Home?


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