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Looking to finance your Tiny Home investment? Vie Finance & Insurance is your local finance partner, offering a comprehensive range of tailored solutions for your purchase.

Located in Launceston and across North West Tasmania, Vie Finance & Insurance provides access to an extensive network of loan funders and insurers across Australia, comprising over 60 institutions. They specialise in delivering customisable solutions that align with individual circumstances. Their experienced Property Finance Advisors take a thorough approach, assessing each customer’s situation and prioritising lasting solutions that contribute to achieving their goals. With a commitment to complete remuneration transparency, they deliver personalised customer service and offer their services nationwide through locally owned and operated franchises.

Estimated Finance Costs

Below are estimated finance costs based on current interest rates (as at January 2024).

Tiny 20 Finance Estimates

Indicative Purchase Price: $69,000

Indicative Interest Rate: 6.04%

Indicative Years Of Loan: 30

Full Loan Amount Monthly Payment Weekly Payment
$20,000 $120 $28
$30,000 $181 $42
$40,000 $241 $56
$50,000 $301 $69
$60,000 $361 $83
$69,000 $415 $96

Tiny 40 Finance Estimates

Indicative Purchase Price: $115,000

Indicative Interest Rate: 6.04%

Indicative Years Of Loan: 30

Full Loan Amount Monthly Payment Weekly Payment
$20,000 $120 $28
$40,000 $241 $56
$60,000 $361 $83
$80,000 $482 $111
$100,000 $602 $139
$115,000 $692 $160

Important Note: Financing Options for Tiny Home Purchase

The finance estimates presented are contingent on Tiny Homes Tasmania clients qualifying for a residential loan. Eligibility for this finance option requires the client to already own a property with sufficient equity.

If you do not possess an existing property with ample equity, alternative finance options, such as a personal loan, may need to be explored to facilitate the purchase. We encourage you to engage with our team to discuss your individual circumstances and explore suitable solutions.

This information is not a substitute for financial advice. This is a general guide for understanding mortgage payments when purchasing property. Additional charges are not included here, such as Stamp Duty and Legal Fees. Weekly payments are calculated based on a 30-year loan for principal and interest. The provided figures are estimates and may vary based on loan amount and terms. Contact Vie for a comparison rate schedule. Vie Financial Pty Ltd ACN 608494355 (Australian Credit License 522143). This information is provided as a guide to assist in understanding the mortgage payments with a property purchase. Other charges may apply but are not included above. No allowance has been made for the fees associated with the purchase of the property, such as Stamp Duty, Legal Fees, LMI etc.

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    *This document does not contain advice. The information contained in this document is of a general nature only and does not take into account your particular objectives, financial situation or needs. All figures shown are estimates only, calculated using the rate and term shown. Different amounts (of loan) and different terms will result in different comparison rates, and other fees or waivers may also affect the cost of the loan. To view a comparison rate schedule, contact your local broker. This information is not to be used or relied upon (nor substituted for) financial advice. No warranty is given in respect of this information and Vie Financial, its associated companies, agents or employees will not be liable in any way with respect to decisions or actions taken by you having regard to this information. Vie Financial Pty Ltd ACN 608494355 (Australian Credit Licence 522143).

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